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December 17, 2009

If you were wondering whether or not to have that final glass of holiday vino, take a look at our new web page on blood alcohol content. This web page will explain the absorption process of alcohol into the blood stream. Its some good information to know if you have to drive home!

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Anonymous,  December 24, 2009 at 11:21 AM  

The problem with BAC testing for DUI, is that mostly it is breath testing. and this in now way accurayley measures ones true blood alcohol content.

Because of all the other factors mentioned in the artcle linked to the post,... it becomes clear that for the most part, the DUI STATUTE IS A LOTTERY, TOTAL CHANCE.

Granted, do not drink anmd drive ever.

But those who are convicted and those who get away with it either at roadside, at the station, or in court --- it a total luck lottery game, .. that has to do with all the metabolism factors, as well as many other factors.

I have always said the somehow BAC must be detrmined by blood only, and within 5-10 minutes a sample must be taken, with no headspace in the sampling mechanism, .. and the sample preserved for analysis.

I think breath tersting is bogus, and lets drunks get away with dui, and non drunks convicted of dui.

it is a bad bad test.

Anonymous,  December 24, 2009 at 12:10 PM  

another point here is the , yes, alcohol does get discharged from breath.
the nj supreme court belives, with medical science to back it, ... that alcohol released through breath, is alcohol from the blood vessels in the lungs.
So it is really being discharged through blood, into the breath.
This, the nj supreme court, with medical backing, .. directly relates to a persons inpairment.
So i do tend to agree, and wanted to give the other side of my previous arguement in the previous post.
let us then say, ok, clrearly, at least, the nj statute , as interperted by the courts, .. is all about this level of alcohol in the breath, ...

taking that into account , then no, blood terst could be applicable to alcohol dui.

they cant have it both ways under the science.

assuming, and it is true, for the most part, blood alcohol level is determined by breath testing in nj, ....

then that number , understood as a lottery to the actual result, .. does take into account impairment,...


May main srugment against breath tresting is not all the hoopla over metabilism rates, ... it is simply the raw data signal counts needs to be avaibale through the software, to generate a hand calculation, to determine if the right result was printed in the bac report.

it is really that simple.


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